Solving the Procrastination Problem – 5 Simple Steps

By on September 6, 2011

This post is by Samantha Reilly, a member of Acceptional’s High School Journalism Program. Continuing on the procrastination theme from last post, she outlines 5 simple steps you can take to beat procrastination.


We’ve all done it. We’ve all strutted into school or work boasting that we finished a major task twenty minutes before it was due. Everyone knows, however, that thirty minutes before it was due, you were staring at your computer screen, ready to throw it at a wall because you should have finished this report a week ago. Here are some tips to avoid future forced all-nighters and to help you solve your procrastination problem.

1. Pack Your Schedule! The Procrastinator’s motto is: “I’ll do it later”, but if you don’t have time to do it later, you’ll have to do it now! Plan out every minute so you don’t even have time to procrastinate!

2. Use the Reward System! Don’t let yourself eat or drink or maybe even use the bathroom until you finish the task at hand. Obviously you shouldn’t starve yourself or strain your bladder to the point of a UTI, but a snack or a potty run could be all the motivation you need!

3. Use Your Ipod! Listen to new or unfamiliar music so that you aren’t tempted to use your desk lamp as a microphone, or your laptop as an electric guitar. A jam session does not qualify as productivity—ever. You can also listen to podcasts from “The Get it Done Guy”, who has great tips for avoiding procrastination.

4. Keep Yourself Moving! If a reading a certain book is sedating you better than six NyQuils, hop on an elliptical and get a workout in the mean time. You’ll keep yourself awake and end up with more energy afterward, no caffeine required!

5. Create a Master Plan! Everyone has a goal in life. Ask yourself: “Where do I want to be in 5 years?” and figure out how this task will help you get there. Whether it’s cleaning your room (you will develop good habits for when you have a college roommate) or doing a set of Algebra problems, once everything adds up, you will find your goal in reach.

Hopefully this is the last time you will be procrastinating. Admit it, you’re reading this instead of doing what you should be. As a previous procrastinator, I have used and succeeded with these tips and with some concentration (and possibly some isolation) you could too.


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  1. Andre Tarquinio

    September 30, 2011 at 7:15 pm

    Having been a procrastinator myself through most of my high school life these definitely are accurate steps in beating it. Ultimately, I have found the incentives that I give myself are the best way to get things done early and efficiently. I also love the suggestion of podcasts which I have begun to use more often than not. As far as high school, it may be a little too late for me but hopefully this guide helps younger high school students and works for me in the future.

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