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By on May 27, 2011

One of Acceptional’s main goals is to provide affordable services to those students who don’t have the money to spend on private essay readers or those do not have guidance counselors who can give students adequate attention and time during the college process. A Wall Street Journal article from May 24th, 2011 (“Public Schools Charge Kids for Basics, Frills”) reports that the fees for classes and extracurricular activities at public schools have seen increases almost every year since the 1970. If activities such as specific sports or honors/AP classes are cut out in public schools because of expenses, there is reason to believe that pay cuts may also occur. This possibility of pay cuts would affect guidance counselor pay and consequently the effort level of the guidance department at public schools in the United States.

College Essay Examples

Currently at Acceptional, there is a forum for current college students to upload their successful college essays for the 25 schools on our website. High school students can then pay to read these college essay examples. Essays can be chosen by specific demographics for a very affordable price. The team at Acceptional understands that it is difficult for guidance counselors at very large schools (both public and private) to juggle so many students at once, but it does not want students to suffer because some guidance counselors are not paid enough and will not make the effort to look at students’ college essays.

In the near future, the company will be looking to add new elements to Acceptional to help students understand how these college essay examples can be helpful to them. Acceptional is also developing new components that will help students with the application process in more areas than specifically the college essay. The college essay is extremely important, but that does not encompass the entire job of the guidance counselor. The Acceptional team hopes to act as a virtual, available, and knowledgeable guidance counselor, thereby overcoming the negative connotations of online services.

The team looks forward to further developing its application services in the coming months and hopes you keep checking back on this blog for information on the college process, news about admissions-related topics, and important updates on the company.


About Acceptional

Acceptional levels the playing field in college admissions by increasing transparency and access to resources that help applicants apply successfully. Our first service allows applicants to read successful college essay examples from current students at top 25 schools who get paid when their college application essays are read.

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